As the brother of 3 sisters, the partner of a beautiful lifemate, and the son of an exceptional mother I am freshly disgusted every time I hear more stories & stats about the worldwide violence perpetrated against women by members of my gender. From gang rape in India, to the women murdered DAILY in South Africa, to the countless, nameless millions of my abused human sisters who are trying to process their pain, it is clear that too many men are not worthy of being called MEN.

Call me simple but I see only two kinds of people in the world: those who seek to nurture harmony, respect & care for others, and those whose base self-interest rationalizes their abuse of vulnerable humans who lack the means to stand against them. Let those of us who are conscious with conscience bravely denounce the wicked ways of lesser men & console their victims, even as we do our best to help them see past the darkness of their deeds. The collective council of all saints and sages has spoken in one voice across cultures and throughout the ages: Love alone rules the enlightened heart and such capacity for kindness is the TRUE measure of one’s wealth, power and success as a human be-ing.

Real MEN step up! We MUST end the war against women!

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