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Choosing Strength to Start the Week

It’s STRENGTH Monday, Day 1 of the first work week. Mindfully take some time to kickstart your week by thinking about STRENGTH today: what it means to you, how to enhance your strength & also how to help others become stronger!  When I was creating TUB my goal was to choose 5 things that I […]

Gratitude & Prosperity

It’s PROSPERITY Thursday! Today you are encouraged to reflect FIRST on the abundance in your life, with gratitude for the various “blessings” that you are currently enjoying.  Yes, we MUST start this conversation with a reminder to focus FIRST on what you have, rather than what you feel you are missing, because it is easy […]

Integrity on Wednesday

It’s Wednesday, humpday, the center of the work-week & the perfect day to bring our focus to bear on a concept that is central to the well-being of any tribe: Integrity.  Integrity is the essence of both honor & authenticity, and in my opinion it is impossible to overstate the importance of this fundamental character […]

Wisdom on Tuesday

On TUB Tuesday we bring our focus to bear on the concept of Wisdom, so allow me to share a few of my thoughts on the subject. From Solomon to Socrates, from Confucius to Krishnamurti, it could easily be argued that humanity’s most noble expression of higher consciousness is the acquisition of Wisdom. Quite simply, […]

One Famous Champion of Universal Brotherhood

Good Monday morning Men! It is Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Day in the USA & although his efforts were specifically related to the American civil rights movement, few Men in modern history have taken a more outspoken stand in favor of “Universal Brotherhood” than Dr. King. Assassinated on April 4th, 1968 at only 39 […]

New Days for New Ways!

Good frosty winter day GentleMen! 2017 is flying along & week One of January is already done! HOW ARE YOU DOING? WHAT ARE YOU DOING? And ultimately, WHO ARE YOU BEING??? Are you RESOLVED to make this an EXCEPTIONAL year and if so, are you TAKING ACTION to support that vision…or simply yearning for it […]

5 “F” words

Sunny Sunday salutations gentlemen! Always in the name of best be-ing I want to share 5 “F-words” as a simple template to help you experience greater wholistic contentment. I believe that if you MINDFULLY devote positive energy to each of these f-words every day, you will maximize your opportunity to experience peace, health and happiness. […]

On the Subject of Prosperity

While it is hard to argue that anyone is entirely altruistic, it is easy to recognize and celebrate those who are generous. Few things are uglier than acts of greed, or more beautiful than deeds that reveal genuine caring & sharing. Of course it is much easier to give when you have a lot of […]