It’s STRENGTH Monday, Day 1 of the first work week. Mindfully take some time to kickstart your week by thinking about STRENGTH today: what it means to you, how to enhance your strength & also how to help others become stronger!  When I was creating TUB my goal was to choose 5 things that I felt were excellent pillars for TUB-Men anywhere in the world to stand on…and stand for.  I wanted to define a simple set of universal concepts that would provide a powerful philosophical base for TUB as a platform for exceptional, authentic MASCULINE be-ing…regardless of race, creed, class or culture.  The result was S.W.I.P.C. – Strength Wisdom Integrity Prosperity & Compassion – and I specifically put Strength at the start of this list.

Why so, some might wonder?  To be clear, it is NOT because SWIPC is a hierarchical list of qualities with Strength as the most important.  No, I consider each of the 5 concepts to be an equally profound part of a wholistic formula for manly greatness.  Nonetheless, we start the list, and the week, with Strength because Strength is not only the root of human dynamic capacity, but it is also the characteristic most naturally associated with masculine power.  So, does that mean I am merely conforming to conventional gender stereotypes here?  No.  Strength, like all 5 of the TUB pillars, is a universal human construct that transcends gender.  Nonetheless, due to sexual dimorphic differences & unenlightened abuses of Strength, our vitality & virility as Men is closely tied to the concept of Strength.

The challenge that TUB assumes in the name of “building bonds & better Men”, is to reclaim, refine & reassert the best aspects of ALL so-called masculine attributes – including Strength.  As empowered & enlightened soulwarriors we SHOULD “maintain & develop Strength”!  As evolutionary Men seeking to fulfill our potential we SHOULD feel good about being strong…not guilty or ashamed of our capacity to express this trait!  As aspiring role models & exceptional representatives of our gender we SHOULD wield Strength wisely and well!  Superheroes & super villains may both be strong, but at TUB we are ONLY called to stand in Strength with the former, as powerful champions of humanity. And whether or not you like the superhero metaphor – whether you see yourself as heroic or humble – in the end all great deeds require Strength, so let every TUB-Man commit to becoming an  unapologetically Strong Man…mentally, spiritually & physically!

DECIDE TO BE STRONG gentlemen! A man who chooses to be weak fails both himself & the world around him.  Nuff said

It’s PROSPERITY Thursday! Today you are encouraged to reflect FIRST on the abundance in your life, with gratitude for the various “blessings” that you are currently enjoying.  Yes, we MUST start this conversation with a reminder to focus FIRST on what you have, rather than what you feel you are missing, because it is easy for many of us to take for granted various things that truly contribute to a wholistic sense of Prosperity.  Why so?  Is it simply human nature to focus on the half-empty side of the glass?  No.  Our perspectives are the product of our past & our programming.  We look at life the way we have learned to look at life, but we have the neuroplastic ability to change our viewpoint.  For the evolutionary TUB-Man who aspires to enjoy an exceptional life of Prosperity then, it is important to grow past the under-spoken FACT that there is a committed, concerted & unapologetically manipulative marketing effort to encourage dissatisfaction, desire & a sense of lack.  We are constantly bombarded with messaging that undermines our sense of contentment by suggesting that happiness is just the next great purchase away, and that Prosperity is a luxury brand.  The dominant dogma of the day is far more interested in seeing Men perpetually chasing after shiny golden carrots, than having them satisfy their constant cravings.

With few exceptions we are socialized to be fearful slaves to scarcity consciousness, rather than masters of our minds & paragons of Prosperity.  So…as part of THIS dynamic tribe of exceptional soulwarriors, let your desire for prosperous be-ing begin with an Attitude of Gratitude.  By all means, hold onto your dreams, stay focused on your goals, and stay disciplined in your efforts to Make More Money gentleMen!…but also train yourself to appreciate & celebrate the priceless treasures that ALREADY make you wealthy!  Aho!

It’s Wednesday, humpday, the center of the work-week & the perfect day to bring our focus to bear on a concept that is central to the well-being of any tribe: Integrity.  Integrity is the essence of both honor & authenticity, and in my opinion it is impossible to overstate the importance of this fundamental character trait.  If you think for a moment about the people you truly respect & the Men who you truly admire, you should find that their integrity is a HUGE part of what endears them to you.  If, on the contrary, your personal heroes are so-called “successful” Men who have shown themselves to be unscrupulous &/or untrustworthy, I would strongly suggest that your criteria for judging their greatness needs to be reconsidered.

With few exceptions, we have all been injured in some way by those who lacked integrity & betrayed our trust.  History is rife with examples of dishonorable deeds & the evolutionary TUB-Man must be unequivocal in his commitment to Integrity as a critical measure of one’s best be-ing.  Yes, no one is perfect & we all stray from the proverbial path from time to time – misguided by our selfishness or misled by poor role models – but the goal for Men who aspire to express their highest nature must remain the pursuit of exceptional personal Integrity.  All great Men not only do the work necessary to know themselves deeply, they also commit to becoming as genuine & trustworthy as possible.  Integrity is the essence of nobility & the “glue” behind all meaningful social bonds.  It is a priceless gift to both oneself & to others.  Weak men who lack Integrity invite only shame & dishonor into their lives, whereas the Man who is known to be a pillar of honor enjoys a wealth that can neither be bought nor stolen.  At TUB & with TUB you are invited to BE such a dynamic & respected Man of Integrity!

At TUB let us help each other embrace & express this essential characteristic!  After all, why settle for less?

Instead, believe it, achieve it & make the world proud to have you in it! AHO!

On TUB Tuesday we bring our focus to bear on the concept of Wisdom, so allow me to share a few of my thoughts on the subject. From Solomon to Socrates, from Confucius to Krishnamurti, it could easily be argued that humanity’s most noble expression of higher consciousness is the acquisition of Wisdom. Quite simply, Wisdom is the most valuable tool for any Man who is sincerely interested in making choices that will maximize the quality of his life. The fact that Wisdom in NOT… part of mainstream educational curricula and that very few people are encouraged to actively “seek & celebrate wisdom” SHOULD – in my opinion – be cause for both great concern & great consternation by FAR more people. Unfortunately however, the masses are fed a daily diet of mental pablum by those who would prefer most human cogs in the status quo wheel to remain ignorant, obedient & unhealthy. Instead of making sure that children grow up to be steeped in a powerful understanding of what the wisest humans have learned about effective, inspired & morally conscientious living, trivial media bullshit distracts & diminishes nimble minds. Instead of bringing focus to bear on the brilliant treasures of insight that our species has been collecting over the millennia, “millennials” are vigorously encouraged to prioritize the pursuit of baubles & trinkets. NOT AT TUB!

This fraternal tribe exists to explore and express a different conversation: one that actively honors the search for sage sentience. So, as it is one of the 5 TUB foundations for exceptional, authentic masculine be-ing, YOU are joyfully invited to make the pursuit of Wisdom an active part of both your principle & your practice. Microscopically YOU will be the FIRST beneficiary of such a commitment, but ultimately Wise Men are a blessing to everyone around them. Thus TUB exists to support you in the expression of your highest potential so that you in turn, can contribute your best to the creation of a better world, & Wisdom is a critical part of that benevolent purpose.

Good Monday morning Men! It is Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Day in the USA & although his efforts were specifically related to the American civil rights movement, few Men in modern history have taken a more outspoken stand in favor of “Universal Brotherhood” than Dr. King. Assassinated on April 4th, 1968 at only 39 years old, Dr. King remains a force of inspiration for people around the world – LIKE US – who desire to build bonds & better Men…and consequently stand proudly as the evolutionary architects of a better world. Draw strength from Dr. King’s intrepid example: his courage, faith & determination in spite of tremendous adversity & his legacy as a Man who died fighting for HUMAN rights. Without a doubt our growing fraternal TUB tribe exists today thanks to the fearless efforts of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. & others who have also stepped up to promote brotherly love regardless of race!

Good frosty winter day GentleMen! 2017 is flying along & week One of January is already done! HOW ARE YOU DOING? WHAT ARE YOU DOING? And ultimately, WHO ARE YOU BEING??? Are you RESOLVED to make this an EXCEPTIONAL year and if so, are you TAKING ACTION to support that vision…or simply yearning for it to be so? Some yearn, some burn, a few manifest. Fate is fickle to be sure and bad things happen to good people everyday but…don’t whine about your life if you aren’t committed to doing what you can to make it what you want. The proactive path is the Way of the intrepid & evolutionary TUB-Man! Step up, lean in, be brave & be determined. Choose wisely who to associate with and surround yourself with those who help you to refine, define and amplify your visions.

I wrote the following quote to put on the back of my business card some time ago:

“Those who strive for excellence by seeking resources that will assist them on that quest are destined to distinguish both themselves and their endeavors from the labors of lesser men.”

Nuff said. Let us be there for each other: united we stand higher!

Sunny Sunday salutations gentlemen! Always in the name of best be-ing I want to share 5 “F-words” as a simple template to help you experience greater wholistic contentment. I believe that if you MINDFULLY devote positive energy to each of these f-words every day, you will maximize your opportunity to experience peace, health and happiness.

My “Fave Five” are as follows, with the order of importance re: what you should focus on most depending on your current circumstances, but all being worthy of SOME dedicated consideration between the time you wake up and the time you go to bed.

1) Friendship
2) Family
3) Fun
4) Fitness (of mind body & spirit)
5) Finances

Given that time is our most valuable resource, we are all wisely keen on being maximally “productive”. Unfortunately too often I see people neglecting one of these 5 aspects and the negative effects are cumulative. So, my humble suggestion again is to make sure as you go through each day that you CONSCIOUSLY invest some quality time in each area.
As John Lennon wisely noted, “Life is what happens to you when you’re busy making other plans”, so live well & live wisely with NO REGRETS!

Good day Gents! In the wake of the US election I feel that TUB is more important than ever as a fraternal community that is UNEQUIVOCALLY committed to creating a safe & inclusive place for ALL evolutionary Men who share the desire to build bonds, not barriers between us – regardless of race, creed, class, nationality or culture. Bigotry, racism, sexism and all other forms of discrimination are NOT compatible with the philosophical foundations of The Universal Brotherhood. Our goal is to increase our respect & understanding for one another as we remain actively committed to becoming better Men together. The 8 TUB Tenets articulate the perspective that members of this auspicious, international Men’s organization are expected to share, so I encourage everyone here to revisit those words.

Again & always, TUB simply invites conscious Men to be mindfully aligned with the interests & intentions of this auspicious tribe. Any Man who feels comfortable with, connected to & supportive of our paradigm is welcome as a soulbrother at TUB. Likewise, I appreciate that there are Men who may not share TUB values or vision, and that is fine too. Different strokes for different folks: no one shoe for every foot. Nonetheless, I hope that if you are “here” you will recommit to being part of our mission to build a better world, one exceptional, enlightened Man at a time. STAND UP, STEP UP & SHOW UP! No one is perfect but…Humanity needs intrepid leaders who are keen to exemplify the most noble & inspirational qualities of our species! Let us all
strive to be such Men!

As the brother of 3 sisters, the partner of a beautiful lifemate, and the son of an exceptional mother I am freshly disgusted every time I hear more stories & stats about the worldwide violence perpetrated against women by members of my gender. From gang rape in India, to the women murdered DAILY in South Africa, to the countless, nameless millions of my abused human sisters who are trying to process their pain, it is clear that too many men are not worthy of being called MEN.

Call me simple but I see only two kinds of people in the world: those who seek to nurture harmony, respect & care for others, and those whose base self-interest rationalizes their abuse of vulnerable humans who lack the means to stand against them. Let those of us who are conscious with conscience bravely denounce the wicked ways of lesser men & console their victims, even as we do our best to help them see past the darkness of their deeds. The collective council of all saints and sages has spoken in one voice across cultures and throughout the ages: Love alone rules the enlightened heart and such capacity for kindness is the TRUE measure of one’s wealth, power and success as a human be-ing.

Real MEN step up! We MUST end the war against women!

While it is hard to argue that anyone is entirely altruistic, it is easy to recognize and celebrate those who are generous. Few things are uglier than acts of greed, or more beautiful than deeds that reveal genuine caring & sharing. Of course it is much easier to give when you have a lot of something to share, but generosity comes first from the heart. Our greatest spiritual leaders throughout history were not necessarily rich in a conventional sense, but they all distinguished themselves as role models of compassion and generosity. In other words, philanthropy is not simply for people with lots of money, but for anyone who recognizes their own personal abundance and chooses to share that bounty with those who are less fortunate.

One of my favorite passages about this subject is by the late Lebanese poet Khalil Gibran (who has the distinction of being the third best-selling poet of all time, behind only Shakespeare and Lao Tzu!). In “The Prophet” Gibran eloquently reminds us that when we die we will ultimately lose ALL the property that we possess anyway, so we should give “while the season of giving is ours and not our inheritors” in order to enjoy the reciprocal blessings of our generosity. Wise counsel indeed!

Today I am inspired to salute all people who mindfully transcend their fears of scarcity in favor of a generous nature:) May I always be counted among them as a man who shares whatever humble wealth he possesses too!