It’s STRENGTH Monday, Day 1 of the first work week. Mindfully take some time to kickstart your week by thinking about STRENGTH today: what it means to you, how to enhance your strength & also how to help others become stronger!  When I was creating TUB my goal was to choose 5 things that I felt were excellent pillars for TUB-Men anywhere in the world to stand on…and stand for.  I wanted to define a simple set of universal concepts that would provide a powerful philosophical base for TUB as a platform for exceptional, authentic MASCULINE be-ing…regardless of race, creed, class or culture.  The result was S.W.I.P.C. – Strength Wisdom Integrity Prosperity & Compassion – and I specifically put Strength at the start of this list.

Why so, some might wonder?  To be clear, it is NOT because SWIPC is a hierarchical list of qualities with Strength as the most important.  No, I consider each of the 5 concepts to be an equally profound part of a wholistic formula for manly greatness.  Nonetheless, we start the list, and the week, with Strength because Strength is not only the root of human dynamic capacity, but it is also the characteristic most naturally associated with masculine power.  So, does that mean I am merely conforming to conventional gender stereotypes here?  No.  Strength, like all 5 of the TUB pillars, is a universal human construct that transcends gender.  Nonetheless, due to sexual dimorphic differences & unenlightened abuses of Strength, our vitality & virility as Men is closely tied to the concept of Strength.

The challenge that TUB assumes in the name of “building bonds & better Men”, is to reclaim, refine & reassert the best aspects of ALL so-called masculine attributes – including Strength.  As empowered & enlightened soulwarriors we SHOULD “maintain & develop Strength”!  As evolutionary Men seeking to fulfill our potential we SHOULD feel good about being strong…not guilty or ashamed of our capacity to express this trait!  As aspiring role models & exceptional representatives of our gender we SHOULD wield Strength wisely and well!  Superheroes & super villains may both be strong, but at TUB we are ONLY called to stand in Strength with the former, as powerful champions of humanity. And whether or not you like the superhero metaphor – whether you see yourself as heroic or humble – in the end all great deeds require Strength, so let every TUB-Man commit to becoming an  unapologetically Strong Man…mentally, spiritually & physically!

DECIDE TO BE STRONG gentlemen! A man who chooses to be weak fails both himself & the world around him.  Nuff said

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