Good day my fellow “evolutionaries”! For those of you who may be unfamiliar with my use of the above term, I have dubbed us “Evolutionary Men” by which I mean Men who are pro-actively interested in an ongoing process of personal reflection, refinement & self-development. TUB is NOT a revolutionary organization: TUB is an EVOLUTIONARY organization! In other words, while all Men who subscribe to the tenets of TUB are welcome here, TUB is not a political organization.

TUB is a positive philosophical paradigm in action: an ever-expanding international fraternal community of Men who want to improve themselves & the world around them. We are truth-seekers, change-makers, light-workers, psychonauts, soulwarriors, role models, intrepid leaders-by-example & inspired champions of humanity! We are renaissance Men for the 21st Century: curious, bold, compassionate, adventurous & ever-eager to LEARN as we GROW. We are inspired & we are inspiring because we aspire to STEP UP as exceptional representatives of the BEST qualities of enlightened masculine vitality!

Yes, for many this sounds like an intimidating mantle to assume BUT I encourage YOU to be bigger than your fears of failure & more courageous than your doubts. “REAL” MEN TRY TO BE BETTER MEN & TUB exists to support & celebrate the EFFORTS of ALL MEN who are leaning in! Let us look to the most noble examples of great Men – past & present – and strive sincerely to be like such honorable icons. IT’S OUR TIME! THE WORLD NEEDS MORE EVOLUTIONARY TUB-MEN…and United

We Stand Higher! AHO!

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