It’s PROSPERITY Thursday! Today you are encouraged to reflect FIRST on the abundance in your life, with gratitude for the various “blessings” that you are currently enjoying.  Yes, we MUST start this conversation with a reminder to focus FIRST on what you have, rather than what you feel you are missing, because it is easy for many of us to take for granted various things that truly contribute to a wholistic sense of Prosperity.  Why so?  Is it simply human nature to focus on the half-empty side of the glass?  No.  Our perspectives are the product of our past & our programming.  We look at life the way we have learned to look at life, but we have the neuroplastic ability to change our viewpoint.  For the evolutionary TUB-Man who aspires to enjoy an exceptional life of Prosperity then, it is important to grow past the under-spoken FACT that there is a committed, concerted & unapologetically manipulative marketing effort to encourage dissatisfaction, desire & a sense of lack.  We are constantly bombarded with messaging that undermines our sense of contentment by suggesting that happiness is just the next great purchase away, and that Prosperity is a luxury brand.  The dominant dogma of the day is far more interested in seeing Men perpetually chasing after shiny golden carrots, than having them satisfy their constant cravings.

With few exceptions we are socialized to be fearful slaves to scarcity consciousness, rather than masters of our minds & paragons of Prosperity.  So…as part of THIS dynamic tribe of exceptional soulwarriors, let your desire for prosperous be-ing begin with an Attitude of Gratitude.  By all means, hold onto your dreams, stay focused on your goals, and stay disciplined in your efforts to Make More Money gentleMen!…but also train yourself to appreciate & celebrate the priceless treasures that ALREADY make you wealthy!  Aho!

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