Today as Evolutionary Men, TUB officially celebrates International Women’s Day. It remains an objective fact that Women as a whole still represent the largest disadvantaged, oppressed & abused group of people on the planet. All conscious human be-ings therefore – especially Men – should actively endeavor to create a world where all Women of all ages are safe & free to express their greatest personal potential. Today as you go about your business, I encourage you to mindfully honor all of the wonderful Women who have helped you to become a better Man, and to recommit to being a champion for the holistic well-being of our daughters, sisters, mothers, grandmothers, aunts, nieces, lovers & female life partners.

Remember, we are as evolved & enlightened as we are compassionate & connected to ALL, and TUB is unequivocally about supporting the exceptional expression of our masculine best.

Happy IWD brothers!

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