It’s Wednesday, humpday, the center of the work-week & the perfect day to bring our focus to bear on a concept that is central to the well-being of any tribe: Integrity.  Integrity is the essence of both honor & authenticity, and in my opinion it is impossible to overstate the importance of this fundamental character trait.  If you think for a moment about the people you truly respect & the Men who you truly admire, you should find that their integrity is a HUGE part of what endears them to you.  If, on the contrary, your personal heroes are so-called “successful” Men who have shown themselves to be unscrupulous &/or untrustworthy, I would strongly suggest that your criteria for judging their greatness needs to be reconsidered.

With few exceptions, we have all been injured in some way by those who lacked integrity & betrayed our trust.  History is rife with examples of dishonorable deeds & the evolutionary TUB-Man must be unequivocal in his commitment to Integrity as a critical measure of one’s best be-ing.  Yes, no one is perfect & we all stray from the proverbial path from time to time – misguided by our selfishness or misled by poor role models – but the goal for Men who aspire to express their highest nature must remain the pursuit of exceptional personal Integrity.  All great Men not only do the work necessary to know themselves deeply, they also commit to becoming as genuine & trustworthy as possible.  Integrity is the essence of nobility & the “glue” behind all meaningful social bonds.  It is a priceless gift to both oneself & to others.  Weak men who lack Integrity invite only shame & dishonor into their lives, whereas the Man who is known to be a pillar of honor enjoys a wealth that can neither be bought nor stolen.  At TUB & with TUB you are invited to BE such a dynamic & respected Man of Integrity!

At TUB let us help each other embrace & express this essential characteristic!  After all, why settle for less?

Instead, believe it, achieve it & make the world proud to have you in it! AHO!

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