Good frosty winter day GentleMen! 2017 is flying along & week One of January is already done! HOW ARE YOU DOING? WHAT ARE YOU DOING? And ultimately, WHO ARE YOU BEING??? Are you RESOLVED to make this an EXCEPTIONAL year and if so, are you TAKING ACTION to support that vision…or simply yearning for it to be so? Some yearn, some burn, a few manifest. Fate is fickle to be sure and bad things happen to good people everyday but…don’t whine about your life if you aren’t committed to doing what you can to make it what you want. The proactive path is the Way of the intrepid & evolutionary TUB-Man! Step up, lean in, be brave & be determined. Choose wisely who to associate with and surround yourself with those who help you to refine, define and amplify your visions.

I wrote the following quote to put on the back of my business card some time ago:

“Those who strive for excellence by seeking resources that will assist them on that quest are destined to distinguish both themselves and their endeavors from the labors of lesser men.”

Nuff said. Let us be there for each other: united we stand higher!

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