Good day Gents! In the wake of the US election I feel that TUB is more important than ever as a fraternal community that is UNEQUIVOCALLY committed to creating a safe & inclusive place for ALL evolutionary Men who share the desire to build bonds, not barriers between us – regardless of race, creed, class, nationality or culture. Bigotry, racism, sexism and all other forms of discrimination are NOT compatible with the philosophical foundations of The Universal Brotherhood. Our goal is to increase our respect & understanding for one another as we remain actively committed to becoming better Men together. The 8 TUB Tenets articulate the perspective that members of this auspicious, international Men’s organization are expected to share, so I encourage everyone here to revisit those words.

Again & always, TUB simply invites conscious Men to be mindfully aligned with the interests & intentions of this auspicious tribe. Any Man who feels comfortable with, connected to & supportive of our paradigm is welcome as a soulbrother at TUB. Likewise, I appreciate that there are Men who may not share TUB values or vision, and that is fine too. Different strokes for different folks: no one shoe for every foot. Nonetheless, I hope that if you are “here” you will recommit to being part of our mission to build a better world, one exceptional, enlightened Man at a time. STAND UP, STEP UP & SHOW UP! No one is perfect but…Humanity needs intrepid leaders who are keen to exemplify the most noble & inspirational qualities of our species! Let us all
strive to be such Men!

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