WE ROCK! A GREAT fall kickoff gathering for TUB last night in Toronto at our new home Wallen Lounge!

Grand chandeliers, stylish furnishings, velvet & classic wood fixtures: what a great venue for our fraternal tribe to share quality time!

  • Much thanks first goes to brother Roman Price then for the Wallen connection!
  • Next, great gratitude to our dedicated “in-house” health expert Dr. Sachin Patel for his EXCELLENT presentation! If you missed it you missed A LOT of important & readily applicable content that can help us all live much healthier lives!
  • FULL TUB SUPPORT for Sachin’s Living Proof institute & the great work his team is doing!
  • As always, my sincere thanks to the Men who stepped up & leaned in to help out last night, specifically bros Miroslav Beserminji, Will McCarty, young Dre Levine, Adrian Younger, Bass Rj, Istvan M Szentes, and Jordan Ovejas.
  • And last but not least, THANK YOU to EVERYONE who showed up! YOU make our TUB tribe thrive! We even got to celebrate bro Angelito Marcos Jr.s 27th birthday at TUB!
  • Welcome too new Men Karim Gilani, Pierre Beaini, Avi Aronov, Wayne Younge, Bryan Duarte, Allan Rees, Jack Wu & Mr. Dynamo himself, James Karl Erdt who is doing some awesome work!

Stay tuned for more about how TUB can & will lean in to support James, as Men who are here to make the world a better place! TUB is on the rise gents! Plan to be present & remember: UNITED WE STAND HIGHER!