On TUB Tuesday we bring our focus to bear on the concept of Wisdom, so allow me to share a few of my thoughts on the subject. From Solomon to Socrates, from Confucius to Krishnamurti, it could easily be argued that humanity’s most noble expression of higher consciousness is the acquisition of Wisdom. Quite simply, Wisdom is the most valuable tool for any Man who is sincerely interested in making choices that will maximize the quality of his life. The fact that Wisdom in NOT… part of mainstream educational curricula and that very few people are encouraged to actively “seek & celebrate wisdom” SHOULD – in my opinion – be cause for both great concern & great consternation by FAR more people. Unfortunately however, the masses are fed a daily diet of mental pablum by those who would prefer most human cogs in the status quo wheel to remain ignorant, obedient & unhealthy. Instead of making sure that children grow up to be steeped in a powerful understanding of what the wisest humans have learned about effective, inspired & morally conscientious living, trivial media bullshit distracts & diminishes nimble minds. Instead of bringing focus to bear on the brilliant treasures of insight that our species has been collecting over the millennia, “millennials” are vigorously encouraged to prioritize the pursuit of baubles & trinkets. NOT AT TUB!

This fraternal tribe exists to explore and express a different conversation: one that actively honors the search for sage sentience. So, as it is one of the 5 TUB foundations for exceptional, authentic masculine be-ing, YOU are joyfully invited to make the pursuit of Wisdom an active part of both your principle & your practice. Microscopically YOU will be the FIRST beneficiary of such a commitment, but ultimately Wise Men are a blessing to everyone around them. Thus TUB exists to support you in the expression of your highest potential so that you in turn, can contribute your best to the creation of a better world, & Wisdom is a critical part of that benevolent purpose.

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